Stephen Curry / Under Armour Dark Matter Sneakers

Stephen Curry / Under Armour Dark Matter Sneakers

Stephen Curry / Under Armour Dark Matter Sneakers

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The Wiz Vault Certified Authentic Items Owned/Worn by Wiz Khalifa.

Each Item will come with a Certificate of Authenticity tag containing a unique identification code.

These shoes are made of metaphors: dark matter is believed to make up most of our universe, but scientists remain flummoxed and are only beginning to see how it works. Similarly, Stephen Curry's drive to reach the NBA is not readily visible. A custom, woven, atom-inspired label accents the tongues of the shoes, emphasizing the dark matter theme and the energetic properties hidden within the shoe, like the charged cushioning in the sole for explosive responsiveness and an Anafoam upper for zonal support and comfort. The shoes are an electric green, black, and purple and come with a matching shoe box.

Brand: Under Armour
Box Dimensions: 15 × 11 × 12 in
Size: 11.5

All sneakers are certified by the Wiz Vault as made for, owned and/or worn by Wiz.

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